Non-profit Donation-based Online Classes

During the pandemic, all online classes are non-profit. Classes are donation-based with all proceeds going to Plan International Ireland. Donations aren’t mandatory and classes are open to all who would like to attend. Please get in touch if you’re interested and I will send you the Zoom details to attend.

Monday Vinyasa Yoga Flow 7-8pm – a quicker-paced class with some poses to challenge the body and build heat. Connect with your strength and dynamism and set a powerful intention for the start of your week.

Monday Well-being Yoga 8-9pm – a gentler practice incorporating lots of breath work, mindful movement and a nourishing relaxation at the end, perfect for boosting overall well-being and getting a restful night’s sleep.

Sunday Pilates 11am-12pm – start the day with a strong Pilates work-out which connects you to your deep foundational and core muscles for building stability and long lines in the body. Perfect followed by your favourite weekend brunch or brew!

1:1 Yoga Sessions

Nimble Limbs Yoga offers 1:1 yoga sessions which can take on a therapeutic or instructional element, depending on what is needed. Yoga can be a potent healing tool for many physical and mental issues and I can lead you through some practices and movements which can help support you and encourage wellness and vitality in the mind and body. I can devise a tailor-made plan of home practice for you to help you keep moving in the direction you want to and to support your yoga journey.

Outdoor Yoga

As the warmth and light start to return this spring I will be starting to take my practice outdoors to local parks and the beach. Stay tuned for more information here or get in touch if you have any suggestions for some community outdoor yoga in the South Dublin/North Wicklow area.

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